Donation with a Unique Reason

Donation with a Unique Reason

Seva International is been Associated and supporting Samatol Foundation. Seva International plays a measure role in connecting Bhartiyas NRIs who are eager to help Non Governmental Organizations working in Bharat through donations and Voluntary Support.

Mr.Shriram Kelkar who stays in Virginia USA had planned to visit Bharat just a few days after the demonetarization was announced by Prime Minister Narendra ji Modi in Bharat. As it’s been a talk of the town all over the world the NRI staying abroad where inspired by the drive to collect the 1000 and 500 Rupee notes announced by Seva International. They arranged to take the collected notes to  Bharat and  deposited them in the banks through the friends in Bharat and  donated the amount to NGOs connected with Seva International in Bharat.


Seva International was able to collect One Lakh Fifty Thousand Rupees out of which Rupees 80,000 were donated to Samatol Foundation and the rest was donated to Gruhini Vidyalay.

The donation program was held on 26/12/16 at Samatol Foundation Shelter in Thane in the presence of Shree Shreeram ji  his family and friends, Shree Ramesh ji and Samatol Foundation Committee members.

Shreeramji was aware of the work Samatol Foundation does for the rehabilitation of Children who leave their homes in distress and land up on Station in Mumbai. Therefore he invited his friend Mr.Vijay Khopde  who also took part and donated a amount to Samatol Foundation.

The children at the shelter discussed about the conditions which had led them to leave their houses.  The expressions and feelings of the Children reminded the lesson on how to remain happy and adjust to the surroundings in our regular life.

We thanked Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi Ji for the demonetarization drive and wish that this will help eradicate the black money from the Society.

And all the donors who collected the donation amount through Seva International and helped support Samatol Foundations work.