Government Observation Home


As per the rule of the government, every problematic child should live in a government observation home under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000. However, there is a severe lack of manpower and many internal problems at these homes. A major issue is that children never get rehabilitated properly.

Runaway children are first taken to the juvenile police. Thereafter they are taken to the government homes. When their resources are stretched, Samatol takes the responsibility to take the child to the respective state’s observation home. Volunteers do not stop at just dropping them there, but our volunteers make efforts to find the child’s family with the help of the state’s child welfare committee.

Samatol also reduces the stress on these observation homes. This is done by reuniting children with their families as soon as possible. They also help by obtaining the child’s contact details. We then share this information with the child welfare committee to pass the returning order of a child.

Every state of India has a Government Observation home for every district. This is not an issue related to one state or district, but an issue in the whole of India as every one of these homes are stretched for resources.