Send Off Ceremony


The send-off ceremony is a unique activity conducted by Samatol. In India, it is the only organisation, of this kind, who reunites children to their families through a ceremonial goodbye. Samatol wishes for all members of the family to cherish this moment.

We want to bring awareness into the world of this terrible issue. That is why we hold send-off ceremonies in various parts of the city. They are also organised by different trusts and clubs. By informing society of this issue, it prevents children from running away in the first place. By making it a celebration it highlights the importance of family and makes it a family achievement.

Before the ceremony takes place, we ensure all the parents are counselled. This happens 2-3 days prior to the event. We talk about the problems the child is facing and what the parents can do to ensure the child’s wellbeing in the future.

This ceremony is held on the last day of Manprivatan Camp. During the event, the children will get the opportunity to perform and showcase their talent. They might sing various prayers learnt during the camp and preform a dance alongside patriotic songs. Afterwards, the children will meet their parents directly on stage. This makes the ceremony very emotional. Watching the children meeting their families after a long time instils an atmosphere of great joy and happiness for everyone in the room. These children are returned to their families with great honour and love in front of an array of people which makes this event even more special.  We invite a special guest to the event who comes from a variety of fields. Samatol try to invite personalities from different backgrounds so that they will become familiar to this topic and eventually share their perspective of our organisation. The ceremony is also held in the presence of the trustees of the foundation, organisers, newly involved individuals, media and all the people who want to witness this once in a lifetime moment. Till today, 27 send-off ceremonies have been conducted. This day becomes the first day of the child’s second life.

Samatol’s goal is to make society child friendly and the send-off ceremony plays a vital role in this.