Temporary Shelter

Samatol has established a temporary shelter Daddoji Konddev Stadium, Khartan Road, Thane, with the help of the commissioner of Thane Mahanagar Palika, Mr. Nandkumar Jantre. 3-5 children live with the volunteers on a daily basis. This number can increase up to 10 or 15. Samatol takes care of and protects these children in their shelter. The children stay in the shelter until their family comes to collect him or a volunteer visits the child’s hometown. Every month around 15-20 children meet with their families through this temporary shelter. Some children get rehabilitated during this time period while other children may need extra care.

Need of a Temporary Shelter -

There are very few number of observation homes in Maharashtra, which are near to the railway stations and the core of the city. In Mumbai, Dongri is the only observation home (nearest to CST), and so frequently overflows its capacity. Due to the large number of children, the home’s system cannot offer the satisfactory environment, compassion or care for them. This can lead the children to following the wrong path.

According to the Missing Bureau Crime Report:



Showing the need for Samatol's work.

Rather than sending the children to an Observation Home, which is a jail according to a child’s mind; Samatol Foundation has made it possible to return a child to his family via the temporary shelter. That too after completing all the legal formalities. The children are well looked after and with compassion.

According to families, runaway child come under the category of missing child. These children lie to get sympathy and help from others. It is often found that these children have relatives/family friends who stay in or near Mumbai.

Keeping all of this in mind, the temporary shelter is the best way for quick and efficient home placement without mental stress.