Future Plans

Samatol’s main objective is to create awareness among the citizens of India about Child Rights and Security. Samatol’s goal is for India to be a

“Child Friendly Society”.

In order to achieve the goal, we have proposed the following.

Samatol's Area of Influence

Increase Samatol’s work to all Maharashtrian Stations, and further increase coverage throughout India. We want to prevent the runaway problem at the root and catch the child before he boards the train.

Samatol Mitra/Friends

We want as many people as possible to join Samatol Friends (Mitra) and become a part of the movement aiding in creating a child friendly society. To find out more and sign up, visit our Samatol Friends Page.

Child Welfare Centres

Opening up of a Child Welfare Centres at every single station in Maharashtra, as this will mean immediate help for the foundation and children, and also reduces the risk of the child from running away from the safety of the Samatol volunteers.

Vocational Training

Open vocational training centres to provide children with lifetime practical skills which can help them in the future. The problem is a lot of these children have little or no education and so will find it hard to find jobs in the future. With these vocational skills, they’ll be able to use these practical skills in a field of work.

Educate Families

Educate families on the welfare of children and thereby through this extra love and care, will lead to a reduction on the number of runaway children.

Number of Open Shelters

Increase the number of open shelters useful for temporarily holding children whilst their parents and family and tracked down for reuniting the family.

Collaborate with other NGOs

Collaborate with other NGOs who are involved in a similar field of work so that we can increase our coverage of stations. This will help in saving more children from the dangers of the railway platforms. This will also help us explore stations where we have not been able to access so far.

Collaborate with Government Organisations

Collaborate with Government organisations e.g. Childline for more support in the field. We would also like an increased participation from Government officials in the runaway children’s field.

Raise Awareness

We would like to raise awareness on Child’s Rights and Securities in the society. This will help in ensuring that the public can spot any wrongdoings that are occurring.