Samatol Friends

Samatol Friends is a unique movement. We are here to promote ‘child- friendliness throughout India. Not only by becoming a regular well-wisher but by being an extra pair of eyes.

A member of Samatol Friends will simply carry a Samatol Friends ID card around with them. As one would carry out their daily routine, they would also be aware of runaways at Railway Stations. If you suspect a runaway, then a Samatol Friend will report the child to the railway staff.

Carrying the card and showing the card to officers and general public will not only display your commitment to a vital cause but raise awareness of Samatols work and build our movement.

During our Manaparivartan camps, we would love for you to visit. Kids love visitors and there is no better way to introduce yourselves then as Samatol Mitra. Here we would love for you to impart your love and wisdom to these kids at such an important moment in their lives.

On top of being a Samatol friend you can also opt to be on our blood bank list. Very unfortunate children, who have been subject to injury, may be in urgent need for blood transfusions. It can be difficult to find donors for these children. We want to create a database for when these children need intense care, as a last resort we can turn to you to save these children’s lives. When a child is suffering we know there will be someone to aid them in these critical moments.

To become Samatol's Friend, please fill in the application here.

Current Samatol Friends

Hariharan - (Businessmen)

Being a runaway child, Hariharan understands every aspect of such children and is ready to give every possible help for their betterment. He is one of the major donors of Samatol. He is also involved in every activity and plays a vital role in expanding the work of Samatol all over India.
“To become an orphan or to runaway from home is fate or GOD’s WISH. But to help them by giving lots of love and affection, educating them and making them responsible is our main aim and MY WISH”


 Aditi Deshpande - ( Aspiring filmmaker)

Aditi has been associated with Samatol for the last 4 years. She actively participates in every event by supervising creative things. She also helped by taking photos and videos during our events and creating dvds after the completion of events.