Manparivartan Shibir

Samatol foundation goes one step further than simply just returning children to their homes. Some children who have an addiction, have runaway more than once or have been on the station for 2-3 months attend a Manparivartan Camp, in Mamnoli, Kalyan. This camp is there to rehabilitate children through love and teaching good values.

These children come from the socially and economically backward areas of India. Many come from rural areas and when they arrive to Mumbai the urban environment is a shock.

Taking the children’s backgrounds and surroundings into consideration, the ‘Manparivartan Shibir’ takes place in nature’s vicinity. The duration of these camps are 45 days and there is a specially designed programme. The children play games, take part in meditation, receive non-formal education and also enjoy fun evening activities. This family environment gives the children a wonderful experience to develop in.

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On the final day the parents/families are invited to attend the samarop where a sending off ceremony is conducted. The families will then safely take their transformed child back to their respective homes. The samarop is also attended by many important dignitaries like the current MLA of Thane and many more.

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Camp Site Details :
Hindu Seva Sangh,
Murbad road,
Mamnoli Village,

Kalyan (West).
*{17 kilometers away from Kalyan station}