Read Shiva's story

Shiva was a 12 year old boy, educated to the 5th Standard from Subhash Nagar when he was picked up at the Station by the Child Protection Unit (CPU) of Railway Police, who contacted us and left the child with us.

Child Details:

Shiva had been staying in an orphanage since childhood following the passing away of his parents, however the other orphanage children used to bully and beat him up, so he ran away from there looking for an Ashram in Thane City, but he came into with the CPU. He told us he has an Aunt, who neglects him and is also reluctant to take care of him.

All the other kids in the orphanage left, and so Shiva did as well as he felt lonely, and so started wandering around Thane Station.

26th Manparivartan Shibir:

When Shiva was brought to the camp, he was quite untidy, and constantly crying. He had a bath, was given clothes and was fed. However, he wasn’t able to concentrate for 5 days. As more boys of similar age came to the camp, he started becoming more comfortable with the surrounding environment and took part in the recreational activities. He began interacting more with the children through the games and activities and also began focussing more on his studies.

Through various activities like Dhyan Jot and Group discussions, Shiva was taught about what a family is and what they are there for. He opened up further and shared details about his Aunt, including address and phone number, allowing the Samatol volunteers to visit his Aunt’s house. Here, briefed the family about the foundation, and invited her to attend the shibir samarop.


Here Shiva was able to reunite with his aunt and family and their reaction was “We searched for him everywhere, including at our relatives’, but there was no sign of him. Today we have found our child safe because of your foundation. I thank Samatol Foundation from the bottom of my heart.”

Follow Up:

Following the handing up, there was a follow up meeting at Shiva’s home, to check that all is okay with the reunion of the family and all are happy and enjoying themselves. This has been completed and all was perfect.