Read Taufiq's Story

Taufiq Nat was a 7 year old boy when he ran away from home, Mirzapur, for the second time arriving at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). He was picked up by the Samatol volunteers when he was spotted collecting garbage at CST. He had been at the station for many days before he’d been spotted and was also addicted to Cigarettes, Alcohol, Cannabis and Beedi.

Child Details

Taufiq had not studied a single standard, having come from a very poor family. Many days, he would not get anything to eat. Everyday his fathers used to sell items on the street, whilst sending Taufiq to beg on the street or station. He has had no formal education and he used to beg on the streets every day. On returning home every day, he would give the little money he made to his mum who would manage the house. One day when Taufiq refused to beg on the streets, his father beat him up.

Taufiq had a lot of friends in his locality, and as such gradually became the gang leader of the group that used to go around begging together. As the leader he used to take the largest share amongst all of the children. Following the day’s work, the children used to take drugs and enjoy themselves. However, one day after overdosing and when he reached home, his father beat him up badly, this prompting the reaction of running away and arriving in Mumbai.

26th Manparivartan Shibir:

Taufiq was terrified upon arriving at the camp due to the intimidating forest surroundings, frequently crying and was also untidy. First he was bathed, given decent clothes and given appetising food. Following the introduction to the other kids, the importance of the camp was explained including all the benefits.

Focus was put on being hygienic and remaining smart and healthy. Thus, Taufiq started bathing everyday all by himself. Following his introduction to mental and physical activities, where he showed active participation and began expressing his desire to learn.


Through the camp’s education, Taufiq was taught the importance of family and a sense of respect towards his parents. He readily shared his parent’s contact details and as such his father was asked to attend the samarop function. Unfortunately, due to the family’s economic situation, his father could not attend the sending off ceremony.

Taufiq’s Future:

Taking Taufiq’s strong desire of studying well and making his parents proud of him into consideration, we sent him to Matruchhaya Child Welfare Orphanage in Goa to pursue his studies and achieve his goal.

Follow Up:

The Orphanage authorities are called up every 2 months and Taufiq’s whereabouts are asked.