Read Rohit's Story

There are families that destroyed due to alcoholism. One such family is Rohit’s.

Rohit’s lived with his mother and father. His father was an alcoholic and often stayed late at the bar. His mother tolerated this for some time, until she had enough. On an occasion when Rohit’s father was still at the bar, his mother decided to run away to his grandfather’s home. Rohit was confused at the time and questioned why they were not taking his father, he wanted to wait for him. The mother refused and they left.

At his grandfather’s home. Rohit regularly thought about his father and keeps wishing he would come back. In the meantime, Rohit’s mother decided to look for a new job, but found it very difficult. At home there was hardship too. Rohit’s mother and her sister in law regularly quarrelled. There were times when she was even pinned to the ground. Even after all these struggles his mother was optimistic that her husband would come back to her.

Days went by, but he did not return. Frustration turned to anger and finally they decided to go back home. Rohit was ecstatic. He thought, finally I can see my father, have my home and also see my friends again. Upon reaching the door however, they found a new lock on it. Rohit questioned his mother, to open the door. His mother did not have the keys, and after asking the neighbours about his father, she found out he had sold the house.

They managed to find lodging at a masala factory where Rohit’s mother shortly found a job. His mother had long hours so he had to spend a lot of time by himself. His mother’s frustration reached new levels, as she was not getting much money and the job was very difficult. To release her frustration, his mother took to beating him. This became a regular thing. There were times when he prayed his mother would not hurt him but still it happened, even on occasions he did something well.

One day he was asked to fetch milk, which Rohit did, but the vendor did not give any change. Reaching home his mother was furious, but did not have any time to deal with her son. It had to wait till later. Rohit knew his mother was going to abuse him, in terror he started crying and fell asleep. When he woke up it was evening. He knew he had to escape soon. His legs took him to the train station and he sat upon any train he could find.

Eventually the train stopped at CST. He dropped off the station and was overwhelmed by the huge crowds. Everything around him was new. Immediately he was scared and missed his mother. Returning home seemed like a good idea to him now, but he had no idea which train could take him back.

Hunger crept up on him and he started crying. He went to the corner of the station where no one could see him and slept again. At dawn, he woke up again to hear a woman ask who he was and where he had come from. When he looked up he saw a shabby lady but, for some reason, Rohit felt she had love in his heart. Very much like his mother. Rohit shared his story and afterwards the lady assured him that she would send him home. Rohit was happy. He held her hand and then they left.

Little did Rohit know that this lady was a beggar and a criminal. The lady wanted to use Rohit for petty crime. The lady made him collect junk and clean trains. He really did not want to do these things but he just wanted to go home. Rohit’s initial enthusiasm was gone.

One day the lady encouraged him to conduct a small crime. Rohit’s sense of righteousness prevailed and he refused. As punishement the lady starved him. The lady felt there was no use in keeping him around, so she was going to sell him. Rohit was aware of the situation and ran away before it could happen.

He went back to CST and fortunately he was found by Samatol, fieldworker was Amol. Amol went to him and asked him what had happened. Rohit had been traumatized by his previous experience and was reluctant to tell Amol any information. He asked him to leave. After understanding this, Amol had to show his compassion. His love prevailed and Rohit followed him to the shelter.

At the shelter, Rohit was happy to see small kids like him at the shelter. Amol gave him a good bath and food to eat. Rohit started living at the shelter. At the shelter we realised he is very devoted to God and was a devotee of kali mata. So much so that by memory he could draw an accurate picture of her. Singing and mimicry was another past time of his. All of the staff loved him.

Even with this atmosphere, he still did not tell his whole story. He then attended the camp. Finally the shibir opened him up to express what really happened. He gave all the landmarks near his house and Samatol could now return him home. Amol went to meet Rohit’s mother and detailed what had happened to him. His mother was overcome with sadness. She knew she was directly responsible. After knowing that her son was safe she was happy, and had praised Amol calling him a gift from God. They were later reunited at the at the send-off ceremony. Rohit is now in the 6th Standard.