Samatol Conducts Survey at CST

We continuously research at Samatol, and in August, we conducted a survey with Sathi at CST Station. This survey was completed from the 16th to the 22nd August 2016 to understand the trends of children arriving at the station. Information was collected with regards to the average number of children per day alongside age and further relevant information. This was a joint operation with field staff of Samatol Foundation and Sathi.


The field staff approached any boy who looked under the age of 18. The following details were obtained:


Name of the Child

Time of Contact

Age & Sex


Stays at the Station or Lost

Home Address

Occupation and Income


Reason to leave house

No of days of leaving house

  Family Background

Any other Details


The survey was conducted in two shift cycles:

07:00 am to 01:00 pm through a team lead by Mr Baburao + 3 field Staff members of Samatol and 4 field staff members from Sathi.

01:00 pm to 09:00 pm through a team lead by Ms Lata + 2 field staff of Samatol members and 2 field staff members from Sathi


Compared to our last survey done in 2008, there was comparatively less children found.

Total Number of Children found: 71.

Number of States from: 9

Average age: 14.7         

In roaming we include sightseeing, exploring and wandering.


The results from this study will be used to present the findings to relevant bodies showing the need for our foundation to function. Along with this, we are going to conduct another 2 studies at Bhusaval and Kalyan Junction Stations of the same format. This will help us to understand where the main problem is situated and where our attention needs to be focused upon.


Field Work Pictures

Team Photo at CST

Approaching alone children and talking to him at CST.

Field staff making enquiries and counselling children on the station.