Republic Day Celebrated by Samatol Foundation

26th January 68th Republic Day Celebrated by Samatol Foundation


On 26th January 2017 the  68th Republic Day was celebrated at the Samatol Foundation Swami Vivekananda Manparivartan Shibir.

As the 68th Republic Day was celebrated by the whole nation the Children’s at Samatol where preparing themselves to witness the Republic day for the first time in their life. There are many Children who had never experienced the Flag Hosting as they have either missed the school or have never attend formal education for many years.

The atmosphere in the air was quite exiting at the 29th camp, all the children were preparing for the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. The children’s gave their best efforts to decorate the Flag hoisting ground and the nearby area.

The Field Staff at Pune and Mumbai celebrated this 68th Republic day with the Railway Police and informed them about  Samatol Foundation Work.

The Jalgaon branch took this opportunity to spread awareness by setting up a stall at the Big Bazar. They met many people who mentioned about many children’s running or been kidnapped.

We are happy that Samatol Foundation is reaching out to help many more Children’s in need for Care and Protection throughout Maharashtra.

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To maintain the balance of the Society

 To make a Child Friendly World