Samatol Foundation wants to strike a ‘balance’ between NGOs and government organisations.

Having a network of communication is important to get in touch with local authorities. This networking helps to spread the awareness about the issue of runaway children and to develop compassion for these children.

Samatol works with 4 departments of the Government. The police dept., railway dept., transport dept. and the women and child welfare committee. Samatol aims to create a balance in society with the help of these departments. We want the officers working in these departments to be child friendly, which is vital to our work.

One aspect of our work is the rehabilitation of children. To make this process smoother, networking helps to communicate with the departments of various states. We also maintain a good relationship so children will get help at the right time and place.

The biggest success of networking is, every parent whose child has run away and gets in touch with the child through Samatol, helps us to find other children’s parents and family. Relations with a family, of a reunited child, does not end after returning them home. It remains for ever. Samatol Foundation have networks all over India. To make this society child friendly, it is important to reach the maximum number of people.

Samatol Conducts Survey at CST

Samatol conducted a survey at CST station to determine the number of children who arrive daily at the station. This was done in collaboration with Sathi...