About Us

Samatol Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust that aims at reuniting every child in need across India with proper education with their families in their hometowns. It believes in making them independent and confident with different vocational courses.


Several children across various parts of the country, mainly from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, leave their homes and come to cities like Mumbai in search of employment or due to city attraction. Many times they are brought from their hometown by promising a livelihood in this city but are made to work as child labour or are forced into begging. This in turn makes their life more miserable and might as well lead them to criminal activities.


With the help of our volunteers, we locate these children on main railway junctions in Maharashtra like Mumbai CST, Dadar, Kurla, Thane, Kalyan Pune, Bhusaval, Nagpur and many more stations. We counsel the children and convince them to join us for a bright future. This is the most important step because if they don’t agree, they would fall into bad company and get involved in illegal or criminal activities.


Samatol rehabilitates every child in two ways. It either reunites them with their families or puts them in hostels where they can stay safe and are given admission to the school for further studies. 

Our Strategy


The main Goal of Samatol strives for, is to build our Indian society into a Bal Premi Samaj, a Child Friendly Society.


Samatol envisions that every child should develop by learning in his own mother tongue in his own state being connected to his family and relatives.


Samatol strives to make all Governmental organizations like the Women and Child Development Department, Police Department, Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, Children Home (Balgruh), Child Labor Department and Child Help Line (1098) work in unison and collaborate for this noble cause.

About The Founder

Vijay, right from the beginning of his career in social services, was inclined to do something for children who go missing from their hometowns and make railway stations their home.

Vijay founded Samatol in 2006 for the rehabilitation of such runaway children aged 6-16.

Our Trustees

Shri Sanjay Kelkar

President, Samatol Foundation

Shri Hariharan Subramanian

Dy. Treasurer

Shri. Vijay Ramchandra Jadhav


Shri Raju A. Patil


Shri. Ravindra Auti


Shri Umesh Kulkarni


Smt. Sneha Phadke


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