Annchhatra Seva

Samatol started the Annchhatra Seva in Thane in 2018. It first started in the civil hospital of Thane where food was provided to all the patients. Later, even families of the patients who came from rural areas to get their relatives treated benefitted from this as they had no food options but the outside unhealthy junk. Samatol noticed this need and hence gave a helping hand to these immigrants who came from far off. We apparently offer food for around 150 people every day and till date 40,000 people have taken benefit of Samatol Annchhatra Seva. Even during the lockdown, we helped several people from ST drivers to footpath beggars, labourers (in all around 13000 people) with our initiative. Many people and institutions offer their contribution to this project either by donating food grains or voluntarily coming forward to help us to serve food in Annchhatra.

Come and join us for the Change

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