Samatol Foundation means Children and their mind transformation (Manparivartan). The backbone of the Indian Social System is Family Structure. If children become strong then only the nations become strong.  The children of the family become the pillar of the family and the nation. The actual identity of children is created by Samatol by doing their Development and Rehabilitation.

 Considering the problems of children, children who come from villages to cities for different reasons are trapped in the cycle of undesirable things in the city and therefore, they miss out on education. India is very well known for Agriculture and thus, one can also be successful in this sector. If children have a skill then they can be the reason for financial and overall development of the nation along with their own personality development, and can escape from crime, which can lead to the progress of the country. Considering all these things, we started training on what is available in rural areas.

 Cow is considered as a very important in our Indian Culture. Many things can be made from cow’s dung and milk and thus she called as ‘ Kamdhenu’ (cow who completes our wishes). Samatol has started its Goseva or Goshala in 2018. Initially, this subject was new for Samatol to work on, and also had a smaller number of cows and facilities for them. In 2019, organization gets the opportunity and then starts the work at its best. Organization start making manure from cow’s dung, Gomutra Arka from Gomutra, Amrutpani and use it in our Organic Farming activity as fertilizers and it continues today also.

Annachatra Seva, started in 2019, because of the support from Goshala and Organic Farming. At present, there are 70 cows in Samatol’s Goseva Kendra. Biogas is made from which we not only get gas but also manure is available through dung slurry. Vermicompost is being made. Children are getting training, development is getting a boost. Children who are being rehabilitated in rural areas are in the Goshala department in their districts, Protecting cows from slaughter. By getting milk, curd, ghee, butter, the health is getting healthier.

 As we prepare the methodology, we connect children who are below 16 years of age, who are out of school, who are interested in agriculture, children who want to take training and are connected to rural areas in Goseva Conservation and Organic Farming. Currently, 10 children are taking training in Goseva Kendra. They are making things like Govarya, Dhupbatti, Gomutra Arka, Vermicompost, Amrutpani etc. Similarly, food items like Ghee, Curd, Buttermilk and Sweets are made at our place. Children are taking training about the same.

  The children are being guided by bringing experts to Samatol Goseva Kendra about the diseases of cows, the fodder they need, care of cows and the effect of climate change on cows, the information given by our sages about cows, breeds and species of cows, the connection of indigenous cows with human culture.

 At present there are 70 cows in Goshala and the number of cows and Nandi (bulls) is increasing every year. Among the tribal communities whose land is in the hills, where tractors cannot reach, Nandis are needed for plowing. Then if the number of Nandis is more, it is given to such farmers as cow donation. Godan is an important part of our culture. Similarly, cows are also given for rearing. So that every house should have Gomata. And when you have a cow in your family, a portion of your food will definitely be taken out for the cow.

Future Plans:

Increasing the number of cows, working on cow species, establishing training centers on the importance of rearing indigenous cows, water, forest, human life is going on everywhere. Healthy, food organic farming and running Importance Guidance Centre.


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