School In Bus

Swami Vivekanand Manaparivartan Kendra is located in a village called Mamnoli in Kalyan district. Further there is a district named Murbad which has nearly 70-80 brick kilns and children at this Veet Bhatti are out of school. People of the Katkari community work on this brick kiln and these are migrated families. The organization has tried to make education easier for these children by bring bus to their doorsteps. So that these children are not deprived from the education. We made a proper school in a bus with all study materials like story books, regular textbooks, audio-visual material of learning, stationary etc. The bus covered two locations a day and nearly 25 children are involved at a time in the bus. At present, the organization has succeeded in bringing 25 children to the stream of education from these 5 brick kilns. If we get a financial help for the this project we can cover five locations a day and nearly 50 children can take benefit of this facility.

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