Vocational Training Courses for needy children

Samatol has started vocational training for children of 15 years and more at Swami Vivekanand Man Parivartan Kendra at Mamnoli, Kalyan. These children are given basic training in different courses. We conduct training in activities like Tailoring, Plumbing, Welding, Solar, Electrical repairs, Computer Training, Organic Farming, Ayurvedic Nursery and Goseva. Samatol also gives vocational training to needy children in nearby rural areas. This training is conducted for a batch of 10 children for 3 months and a certificate for completion of the course will be given to the students. Samatol is willing to train them with this vocational training to stand on their own feet once they reach their hometowns. They should start their own earnings by doing these activities instead of helping others and depending on them for money.


We train children and needy ladies in society to stitch school uniforms. These uniforms are given to the school students in nearby rural schools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our children also stitched masks and distributed to everyone in need. Samatol provides them with cloth and tailoring material for stitching uniforms and masks. We are also planning a movement for plastic-free environment. For this, we are training these children and ladies to stitch carry bags from old clothes or old sarees and are distributing them in weekly markets in rural areas to promote the plastic-free environment. We aim to strengthen children and women in society and make them earn their own livelihood.


The majority of children that come in contact with Samatol are school-drop outs. In order to help them lead a life and start their earnings, they must be given some practical knowledge. We acknowledge this and train them in plumbing activities that shall allow them to make their living in the coming future. In fact, we get all the in-house work at camp done by these children. Our only motto is to make them confident and self-sufficient by indulging them in such activities.


Apart from plumbing, we also train children in the welding work. These technical fields can help them carve a niche in the coming future by either helping someone or starting their own workshops. The trainers give basic information about material required for welding and teaches them assembling of various welding products. They can assemble any rack or shade with their welding skills. This will enable them to make small changes in their house on their own and learn some fabrication work on small scale to help them earn good money

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is one natural form of energy available freely and in abundance. In today’s scarce sources of energy ‘Solar Energy’ is coming forward as a better option for generating electricity. Solar Energy can be used in commercial as well as residential set-ups. Samatol conducts vocational courses in solar energy to give basic information about solar energy components like solar panels, battery, wiring system under the guidance of expert lecturers. Through this, Samatol is introducing children to newest form of energy and create a new source of livelihood to them.

Organic Farming

Samatol has children majorly from rural areas who come to the cities and stay in open public places like stations, roads, and gardens. With the passage of time they get habituated to eating adulterated food which may cause health problems to them. To make these children aware about this and to provide them nutritious food, Samatol has started organic farming in its camp using gobar (cowdung) and go mutra (cow urine). All vegetables produced in these farms are used for our camp children which is why they are now healthy and fit. We plan to provide these vegetables to other sections of the society as well. This will help to create a healthy society free from diseases.

Ayurvedic Nursery

In today’s world, due to various diseases and health issues, people prefer Ayurvedic medicines over allopathic medicines. Keeping this in mind, Samatol has developed Ayurvedic Nursery as a part of vocational training. Plants like Tulsi, Alovera, Neem and other ayurvedic plants are grown in our nursery with the help of children. They are also given information about these plants and their uses for good health. This is how we are aiming at a healthy child friendly society.

Computer Training

The children in vocational training are given exposure to the world of computers as well. They are given basic information about hardware and software in computer system. In today’s era, we believe every child should be aware of computer technology and its importance and Samatol children are no exception. In every field of life and in every job, computer knowledge is required. The children in vocational training get acquainted with computers and their functioning which will be very beneficial in their future endeavours.


These vocational training programmes are designed taking into account of the needs and skills of children mainly coming from rural areas of all over India. They are either less educated or completely uneducated but every child has some in-built skill which can help them to stand on their own feet. We present an opportunity to all these children to use their skills to become Atmnirbhar (independent) and carve their own futures.

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